Top trade show stand design ideas

Nov 12, 2018

Top trade show stand design ideas. How, Lord oh Lord, do we reach the highest number of visitors in our trade show stand during an exhibition? How can we obtain the conversion? More importantly, to fruitful leads and new blood for our network? It certainly is not easy but if done right, you can hit the bulls-eye, honestly. This article is your one-page guide for well-thought project management during your next exhibition. In The Netherlands, Holland, or anywhere in Europe.

The top trade show stand design ideas – and thus the eventual success of your trade show – they all depend on many factors. Such as the right stand location. Deploying through marketing research for your stand design. Employing an experienced trade show stand strategist. Involving the right stand, booth or display designer. Moreover, top quality stand graphics in the right places would be a great idea for your booth designer, and your stand builder. The correct positioning of logos and pay-offs and content. The big mistake people make is not their exciting cool stand design. Most importantly, your booth reflects your company. That means your company and not your ego. At least the corporate identity and what the company stands for.

Top trade show stand design ideas

Interactive augmented reality stand

Show your products well lighted and in a beautiful tabletop display design. Nicely behind clear glass, on pillars and inside your welcoming counter. Most important, along with the isles so by passers actually see your products or services. Ask your exhibition stand designer for an inviting and welcoming design.

People should be drawn or sucked into your booth or display stand. Also, a great piece of advice would be, cough up a workable budget for your stand developer. This to be able to work with some freedom. Never cut on your stand budget. Not if you rent a stand. Not if you buy a stand. Your valuable stand space is as expensive as it is.

Therefore, put a stand designer on your assignment who can achieve the so-called stopping power! Get value for your expensive stand space. 😊

Motivated and skilled exhibition stand crew

Let’s talk about the stand crew for the exhibition stand in this stand design ideas article. Normally the crew exists of employees of your company. We think that is a good thing. However, send your crew to a trainer for stand staff. After that, it is up to the skilled and trained stand crew. They should steer the stand towards heaps of success and leads. What probably will happen for sure without a decent exhibition training? Well, they are more likely to end the trade show in liver cirrhosis. No leads, no uplifted network, no success! Therefore a snazzy workshop or training most certainly is in place. Experiential training is the catchword nowadays. An absolute must for a modern sales crew.

Trade show stand marketing strategy

With the virtual reality glasses, eye tracking software and research agencies, we have a fine set of tools at our disposal. At any rate, much better than before. You could even say, these days new agencies are springing up like mushrooms. Agencies specialized in live communication, trade fair marketing. Augmented reality specialists. A great deal of their communication is not just hot air, a load of empty talk. Nevertheless, you can no longer make it without a strong trade show strategy.

Top trade show ideas for your stand location

At Dutch trade shows in Ahoy or Rai we are dealing with trade show locations and visitor routes. The location is crucial for your exhibition stand at a trade show in the Netherlands. The visitor route plays a major part in the flow of visitors to your design stand. How do the aisles go at the trade fair? What can you use for your advantage? Any catering or coffee corners nearby? Where are the entrance and exit? Any performers in the hall in the afternoon? So many questions and just as many good answers.

To sum it all up. First of all, a well thought stand design. Second, a highly motivated and trained exhibition stand crew. Third, a strong trade show marketing strategy. Finally, a thorough study of the best location for your stand. Before you book your stand space location, that is. These are the top trade show stand design ideas we have in mind for you.

We hope that this article helped you on your path to a successful exhibition, business event or trade show in The Netherlands and greater Europe. We also sincerely hope that the days of bombastic booths are over. Maybe the best idea we can give you is: take your time and think strongly before you throw your exhibition project files on the table of the youngest sales trainee. The world of live communication is vibrant and powerful. It is one of the strongest sales boosters for your company and her products.

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