Stand PLMA Rai Amsterdam

Nov 5, 2018

Stand PLMA Rai Amsterdam. Did you book your spot already? Let us highlight the most important items of this event before you book your standard stand. Or a rental stand, or a bespoke stand on a free stand space in RAI Amsterdam, perhaps? Let us take a closer look at the event itself. The event is most certainly the largest exhibition in the Netherlands, perhaps in Europe.

First of all, the annual international trade exhibition PLMA ‘World of Private Label’ is bringing companies from the retail sector together. Moreover, to provide them with the best solutions available. PLMA’s annual ‘World of Private Label’ is organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association. Over 4,000 exhibition booths in 50 national and international exhibition pavilions.

Stand PLMA Rai Amsterdam overview

Interactive augmented reality stand

The featured products and services certainly include fresh, deep-frozen and dried fruit. Also dried vegetables, soft drinks and non-food. Third, cosmetics, beauty and health products. Fourth, household appliances, kitchen, and car care. Finally, home and garden and DIY.

The exhibition grounds will be divided into food and non-food exhibition halls. This because the trade fair visitors can make the most of this trade show exhibition. The PLMA 2019 in RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the corridors of the PLMA 2019, thousands of visitors are on the lookout for new customers. Most certainly in the world of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Also discount stores, drug stores, and exporters of various areas of retail.

Nevertheless, all the companies from the food and non-food sectors showcase their products. Moreover, at the trade fair, they need to do their absolute best. This to stand out and make an impression with their magnificent exhibition booths. Designed with amazing LED lights. Most certainly the best of multimedia applications that run on touch screens.

PLMA exhibition and stand building.

All of that in their exciting design booths. To sum it up, tradeshow booths furnished with a brilliant exhibition stand interiors, decoration and intelligent stand design. The stand designers providing these solutions did their absolute best. All for the companies that participate in PLMA international 2019 RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Let’s talk about exhibition design and construction for this kind of trade shows. You need a team of experienced and creative professionals. Most important, experienced exhibit designers and exhibition booth builders in The Netherlands. They can meet every challenge and expectation of the participants of the PLMA. Certainly by providing all needs in the field of exhibition stand design and stand building. A lot of the products are displayed in exhibition booths to showcase the businesses participating in the PLMA. All in the best possible light at this trade fair, PLMA 2019. Therefore the above is most important. Stand PLMA Rai Amsterdam, have a wonderful show. Please do not forget to follow our work and a bit of social life. Projects being executed and more at our Instagram it’s fun!


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