Stand design in the Netherlands

Aug 16, 2018

Stand design Netherlands. Happy clients, satisfied customers, that’s what it’s all about. The exact reasons behind the satisfaction of the foreign trade fair participants come second to all that. It may be the nice Dutch trade show booth design. Moreover, excellent 4D live communication and professional stand construction. Finally, 24-hours stand-by service for emergencies. The list goes on.

How come foreign companies perform so well at trade fairs in the Netherlands? How do foreign companies connect and click with the trade fair visitors? What and how do they show their clients. How to let them see the strong link between the trade fair in the Netherlands and their home base? Firstly, by switching to a Dutch exhibition partner. Second, who understands the Dutch (exhibition design) culture. Third, what triggers the attention of a Dutch trade show visitor.

Dutch exhibition stand designers know precisely what captures the attention (and what maintains it). Where the attention should be drawn. Which gimmicks and trade fair catering can be used by the foreign trade fair participants. They exhibit in the Netherlands to score during a Dutch trade fair. We often work on behalf of customers from overseas. Customers from all continents who share their projects with us, which we take care of from design to execution to exhibition facilities.

Stand design Netherlands explained

Stand design Netherlands

Companies are exhibiting more and more frequently on a global scale. It is almost impossible for local stand design and stands construction specialists to create a booth. Or what is more, to travel from all the way from Australia to drop off an attractive exhibition stand in the RAI Amsterdam.

This sort of collaboration between fellow stand designers provides unique opportunities. This is why there are partnerships established between stand designers and developers among themselves. Like a network spun across the world. Working together in a close partnership. We know from each other what is expected of us. How the lines of communication should function

.Nevertheless, it certainly is a good plan to connect with a stand designer who is connected to a network, by all means.

Long story short for exhibition design the Netherlands, your company has an upcoming international trade fair or event? Ask immediately whether they are part of the network, whether they are one of the Dutch trade show partners. This will save you a great deal of money, trouble and sleepless nights. Stand design the Netherlands, a field on its own.

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