Meet the teamplayers!

Stand contractors, Monique and Daniel. Together they form the heart of the team. A melting pot where creativity and punctuality go hand in hand! We love to work with dynamic and innovative companies. Together we can answer the following questions. How do you stand out during a trade show, where a lot is going on? First, what do you want to achieve with your trade show participation? Second, what communication goal do you pursue? Finally, what budget do you have at your disposal? With these questions begins the process of designing your booth. Before you get in touch with us, meet the team hereunder…

Our 7-headed team of stand contractors exists at first of one exhibition stand designer. Second, one project manager. Third, one stand construction expert. Furthermore of four stand builders traveling the shows for the clients. Every stand 100% dedication. Get in touch for stand design and project related inquiries. Please do not forget to follow our work, projects being executed and more at our Instagram, it’s fun!


Creative Director

He likes to get into the creative swing. A people’s person and a fast adapter. Read, when he is not on his dirtbike or in his Jeep. Meet Daniel. He motivates our stand builders into the right direction, and will supervise your project towards a successful exhibition or event!

Dutch stand contractors
Stand contractors Netherlands


Client Services

Monique, a total animal lover. Believe us, this is an understatement. With four dogs and five cats, she still finds the time to care about the clients. She is a multitasker with a vengeance. Get in touch with Monique for account, venue and project management related questions.


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