Stand builder Ahoy Rotterdam

Dec 3, 2018

Stand builder Ahoy Rotterdam. First of all, stand construction with rolled-up sleeves. Second, stand to build with an open mind. But above all stand construction with a backbone. Deeds, not words, stop talking and start doing!

Before we ( existed, there was hardly anything going on in the world of stand design in Rotterdam. Included stand furnishing, stand construction and stand decoration. Strange indeed, since Rotterdam is known for its live communication events. Moreover the great rock concerts in Ahoy Rotterdam. Most famously the Summer Carnival and the World Port Days.

Stand builder Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands

Interactive augmented reality stand

Well, despite having one of the most impressive exhibition venues Ahoy Rotterdam, where distinguished trade shows such as StocExpo, UDT Europe, Toc container Supply chain Europe, Solids Netherlands, Europort, [email protected] Netherlands, are organized annually or twice a year.

Stand construction in Rotterdam is only moderately represented. How come? What is the reason for this? Is stand construction in Rotterdam simply not the field of industry that thrives in this world port city on the Meuse?

Has no business over the past decade managed to become great in the live communication and exhibition industry? Or has one business been dominating the market for years? I think it is a combination of reasons. Nevertheless, there used to be exactly one major player in the world of stand design and stand construction Rotterdam.

This stand builder Ahoy Rotterdam giant was Leo Mineur. By the way, doesn’t exist anymore. It was one of the most swinging stand construction companies. As well as exhibition stand builders and stage designers in the whole of South Holland. At Leo Mineur everything was red hot and happening right there and then. Okeydokey!

Stand builder Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands

Anyone with an artistic streak or with his or her 3rd year of academy of fine arts ‘Willem De Kooning’ in the pocket was only too happy to do an internship there. Moreover, aside from Ahoy Rotterdam there was not much ‘Rotterdam stand design’ had to offer. This for exhibit design, exhibition booths and exhibition stand furnishing or stand realization.

‘Leo’ set the tone and no one had the guts to invest in stand building in Rotterdam. Moreover because you were immediately squashed by this decor and exhibition stand builder in the center of Rotterdam. In comparison, stand construction in Amsterdam and stand construction in Utrecht, cities with a firm foothold in stand building. Stand construction in Amsterdam perhaps because of RAI. Utrecht because of the Jaarbeurs or because the only Dutch ‘exhibition design school’ Nimeto is situated there. Not for stand design, display design, stand construction. Not for exhibition stand furnishing and stand decoration. Not for exhibitions and live events. Not a chance!


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