Pop-up stand design

Nov 23, 2018

Pop up stand design in The Netherlands. First of all, it is a new and communicative way of presenting goods or services. Most certainly to a live audience on a temporary basis. For a number of years, a lot of companies and public authorities have already been using this type of live communication. Over the last two years, the ‘pop up’ stand has spread to all forms and contexts.

Like a pop-up restaurant, a pop-up booth, pop-up displays, etc. Even the word ‘pop up’ is a trend in itself. A trend that creates a playful atmosphere. Moreover, it has a high hip factor and feels like a breath of fresh air. This means in the current location with a lasting impression on the consumer. That is why we have recently produced a pop-up stand in The Market Hall in Rotterdam, Holland. This was for the Danish Food Council. The objective of the pop up stand? That was to bring major Danish FMCG products on the radar of the consumer in the Netherlands.

Pop up stand design explained

Interactive augmented reality stand

The essence of designing and producing pop up stands is being able to set them up exceptionally fast. Moreover at reduced costs, letting them do their job and then take them down in no time. Throughout the three weeks, this Danish/Dutch project in the Rotterdam Market Hall did its job in flying colors.

The visitor numbers and sales were multiplied. Nonetheless, compared to those of a regular market hall booth it was even featured in the national press.

In short, a pop up stand to showcase your products or services has tremendous value and is a great live communication booster. The definition of the pop-up stand design: a communication and marketing tool for temporary presentations. 😊

We can confirm that pop-up stand design should indeed be at the top of your list when choosing the live Activating brands and products. An inexpensive form of live communication. Meaning that its objectives (and therefore profits) are easy to achieve at a minimal cost. Finally, we have all the possibilities for creating a pop-up stand in-house.

Pop up stand design and Designstands.eu

From stunning design to a precise, high-quality execution of the project on location. When it comes to this trend in the world of live communication. By the way, a pop-up stand is for all budgets. It really doesn’t matter if you only have a little stand space during a tiny trade show. Or a large space during a fancy exhibition. If you have a sky-high budget or a small budget. A pop-up stand is the right way to go if you have a temporary show or event. Please do not forget to follow our work and a bit of social life, projects being executed and more at our Instagram it’s fun!

Lots of success during your next trade show!


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