Interactive augmented reality stand

Oct 24, 2018

First of all, an interactive augmented reality stand is a hot topic nowadays. Especially in the world of stand design, and interaction during exhibitions and trade fair shows. With all the advancements in the ‘new media tools’ and interaction, a lot is happening in every field. The same goes for the world of live communication and exhibition stands. Trade fair shows and expos in the Netherlands and Europe.

Where are we headed to in the trade show world? Which innovations are most suitable for the stopping power? Or widgets in stand design and stand installation? We think that augmented reality is a downright hit. Moreover, for leading the visitors at a trade fair show to your stand and to have them walk right in. Or, at the very least, to have them stop and have a look at what is going on there. For the stand owner, it is a snazzy tool to get visitors in their sight. With augmented reality, you can have your guests to register as visitors in a very fun way. And just like that, you have added a new contact. Finally, new leads for sales routes. All because of your interactive augmented reality stand.

Interactive augmented reality stand

Interactive augmented reality stand

The basic idea behind interactive augmented reality is: pictures serve as visual data for the camera. Meaning, the picture is interactive and triggers an action. Just point the tablet or phone camera at the picture and something will happen (on the tablet or phone).

For example, think about how the Layar app works. That action can be opening a website or starting an animation. With GPS, the animation can, in turn, be connected to video, amazing! The picture could also open a visitor registration form on your tablet or phone.

And that is while the visitor is truly impressed. Standing right next to you! We hope you are paying attention because this is where it gets interesting. Most important, Augmented Reality also works great in a stand 😊

Virtually any digital interaction is possible. But what makes augmented reality interesting in the world of trade fair shows and expos? Well, with such a “point a camera at the picture” action you have a clever way to register the visitors. Meaning that the action itself is ‘visitor registration’. At present, we mention but one such example in this article. However, a careful listener might already know where this is going.

Interaction in a trade show stand

What other interactive options can you think of? A map of the trade show floor where you can make contact with other exhibitors. An app where visitors can see your product or service. Even when they are 46 stands away from your base? These are just two of the possible forms of application.

In short, the world of the expo is subject to constant innovations. An interactive augmented reality stand design is one of the changes gaining importance. An innovation that will provide you with a multitude of leads. New contacts during your exhibition or trade fair show. Please do not forget to follow our work and a bit of social life. Most certainly projects being executed and more at our Instagram it’s fun!


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