Exhibition stand RAI Amsterdam

Oct 28, 2018

Exhibition stand RAI Amsterdam. Exhibitions in RAI Amsterdam, participating in a trade show at the largest exhibition venue most certainly requires an approach that captures the imagination. First of all, let’s have this blog shed some light on the background of this trade show and exhibition complex.

RAI Amsterdam is an international trade show and congress organization. Since 1893, RAI Amsterdam has made it their mission to bring people together. Second, to connect and inspire by organizing and facilitating meaningful encounters. Third, whether it be a public fair or a large conference. Finally, even an international trade fair. More importantly, a dance event or a theatre performance. It just so happens that RAI Amsterdam is the venue that provides all services for the events. Moreover, as a facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam provides the ideal conditions for inspiring encounters to take place. Powerful connections to be formed. As an organizing party, they take inspiring local and international events. Most certainly enhance them with context, content, and communities to begin with.

Exhibition stand RAI Amsterdam explained

Interactive augmented reality stand

This way RAI Amsterdam most certainly forms connections. Both physically and virtually. Inspire, surprise and enrich. Nevertheless always with an open mind and a global perspective.

When participating in an event, the most important business card of your company is your exhibition stand. There are numerous options to choose from. A difference can be made through the use of materials, the size of the stand, etc. Depending on the choice of the organization, you will be offered even more options to devise your participation.

The range of possibilities for the realization of your stand include: uniform, wooden, modular and free stand construction. You can rent a stand, or buy a stand. The possibilities are certainly endless nowadays. However, the kind people from RAI Amsterdam are always there to assist you in your choice.

Aside from stand construction, the setup is essential, most important for the appearance of your stand. Moreover, we are happy to share with you our expert advice. RAI Amsterdam works in close collaboration with our company, which delivers a guaranteed quality. The Department of Exhibition stand design in RAI Amsterdam has the knowledge and expertise to make your participation a success, to begin with.

RAI Amsterdam and your exhibition stand

Here is some free marketing airplay for RAI 🙂 Visit the event calendar of the biggest venue in Holland. Go to the website here and see for yourself. The largest events are the automotive and Mets trade (cars and yachts).

To sum up, RAI Amsterdam certainly is a perfect venue for your next trade show or event. Located in the heart of Europe, in Amsterdam. Or, in their own words: RAI Amsterdam: ‘By creating meaningful encounters, we stimulate sustainable growth. Even development in people, markets and our environment.’ Please do not forget to follow our work and a bit of social life. Most certainly projects being executed and more. All at our Instagram it’s fun!


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