Exhibition stand designer Netherlands

Nov 6, 2018

The profession of exhibition stand designer Netherlands can best be described as versatile. It most certainly is creative and exciting. Moreover, the meeting point of creativity and pragmatism that overlaps in many ways with (interior) architecture. Of course in combination with commercial insight. First of all, you become a stand designer only after getting to know different areas. When you’ve acquired an innate feel for visual solutions.

Over the years, the exhibition stand designer Netherlands has adopted a number of design styles. Styles that can be described as ‘scoring’ for the client. A stand is all about communication, about broadcasting the message. Fortunately, it’s not all ‘same old, same old’ these days. At a trade fair in Holland, your stand should be a shining beacon between the boring wooden blocks with logos. A true star of the night. Created by a stand designer from the Netherlands. Stand designer in the world of stand installation and stand building is a broad concept with many facets.

Stand designer Netherlands highlighted

Interactive augmented reality stand

You must have pragmatic working creativity. Second, feel an affinity with interior architecture. Third, the marketing and live communication of tomorrow. Additionally, 3D visualization skills and most important an excellent sense of color. All certainly essential for the job.

An intelligent and listening ear, mindful of the client’s wishes and objectives. That is undoubtedly the key factor in establishing yourself as an experienced stand designer in the Netherlands. All things considered, being a stand designer is incredibly fun, enterprising and versatile.

Moreover, the world of stand design, live communication, and international stand execution is bustling with life. Today, a stand designer has many tools at their disposal. Digital innovations make it possible to describe user behavior, to begin with. How does the visitor perceive things?

Where does their gaze first linger? Where is the item that grabs their attention? In short, crowd psychology! This research is done using eye-tracking glasses. A lens that absolutely sees what the wearer is viewing. How bizarre is that? With this technology, we can accurately trace the eye movements. See where the eyes are most certainly drawn to. Nonetheless, we have experienced designers that know their way.

Exhibition stand designer Netherlands overview!

That means in stand design and all its forms. These fields include marketing, interior architecture and a strong feel for aesthetics. The days when clumsy sketch-ups served as ‘stand design’ are gone for good.

Finally, securing a place on the trade show floor is already expensive as it is. Would you really waste it on something randomly thrown together? I don’t think so. And at last, please do not forget to follow our work and a bit of social life. Projects being executed most certainly at our Instagram it’s fun!


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